Blue Sticky Roller
Mã SP: W00172
Giá trước đây: Call
Nhà sản xuất: Waterun
Bảo hành: Theo NSX

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Blue Sticky Roller

Model No.: W00172

Maker: Waterun - Made in China

Sticky Roller provides the most efficient means of removing even the smallest particles from flat surfaces such as walls, tabletops, floors, ceilings, etc. Particulates are limited by the lifting action of the roller as it passes over the surface.

The specially designed rollers effectively capture and transfer particles and contaminants from surfaces to adhesive rolls.

Size:    4"x18m, 6"x18m, 8"x18m, 10"x 18m, 12"x18m

Note: The handle needs to be purchased separately.

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