MZDR0850 three-dimensional rotated zoom video microscope systems
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MZDR0850 three-dimensional rotated zoom video microscope systems

MZDR0850 three-dimensional rotated zoom video microscope systems, adopts advanced opyical technology and fine machine electron technology. It is made observe from single front to the high-resolution dynamic image of 3600 all-direction, large depth of fields. It has realistic stereo perception and gradation and revolving speed can be changed. You can observe the place that the tradition lén unable display, e.g. below of PCB board, inside of metal holleree-dimensional many-sided and more fine, even you can observe the side-wall etc. iT can be used extensively in surface board of SMT, PCB, BGA etc.

MZDR0850 three-dimensional rotated zoom video microscope systems

Main data:

●    Lens can be rotated 360°, large depth of fields, stereo observing each direction of objects.
●    Inlet miniature motor, long life LED illumination,90V~260V breadth voltage input. 5 revolutions to 27 revolutions/minutes, stepless regulation. 
●    Zoom objective magnification 0.56X~3.75X.
●    The measurement to match between the support  and the main body is Φ45mm.
●    The diameter of the round post is Φ25mm. 

●    2D mechanical stage, the moving range of  X direction is 76mm, and  the Y direction is 50mm.   
●    0.3X, 0.5X(standard outfits)、1X、1.5X CCD  adapters and kinds of stands to be selected.

Note: The standard outfits  don’t include CDD camera
Technical data:

CCD adapter Optical magnification Total magnification Field of view(mm)

Working distance


Observing angle

(from level direction)

0.3X 0.169X~1.125X 9.99X~66.6X 21.3X28.4~.2X4.27 20 45° (or other angles)
0.5X 0.28X~1.875X 16.65X~111X


1X 0.56X~3.75X 33.3X~222X 6.4X8.6~0.96X1.28
1.5X .84X~5.625X 49.95X~333X 4.3X5.7~0.64X0.85
Magnification range of zoom body 0.56X ~ 3.75X


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